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Item No.: OLVGAF150
Name: Game Fish Chow, 50 lbs.
UPC Code: 0
Manufacture: Mazuri
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Detail Description: Game Fish Chow Fish Feed is a complete and balanced 32% protein, extruded, and multi-particle size product designed to be fed to a wide variety of fish species and wide range of sizes of fish. The game fish feed is rich in nutrients essential for optimal fish growth, reproduction and overall health. This fish feed works naturally with everyday food sources in your water to address poor nutrition, which is the most significant limiting factor in the size and health of forage fish.

Complete and balanced nutrition is ideal for a variety of fish species
Feeds a wide variety of fish species and sizes by providing various particle sizes
Floating diet makes it easy to visually manage feeding with less waste
Includes 32% high-quality protein
Improves growth of forage fish; 1 lb. of weight gain per 2 lbs. consumed
Extruded particles are cooked during manufacturing process because fish have very simple digestive systems
Fish feed is designed to improve water quality
Pre-cooked particles can allow for optimal digestibility
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