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Item No.: ABF10880
Name: All Season Aqua-One 5 gallon
UPC Code: 850283001221
Manufacture: Alpha Bio Systems
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Detail Description: Aqua One is an all-season, all-in-one beneficial bacteria product in a liquid form that boosts your ponds biological capacity, clarifies your water AND removes sludge. Aqua One is all natural, effective in both fresh and salt water, and has no odor. This product is NOT a chemical. It is just water, small amounts of nutrients, and a proprietary blend of microbes. The rate of application is 6 ounces per 1000 gallons of pond each week until your water quality is fantastic. Once this level of water quality is achieved the weekly dose of Aqua One may be reduced significantly. All-natural microbial pond algae treatment works great for: Natural pond clarifier improving the balance of an aquatic eco-system for cleaner, clearer water. Gets rid of ponds odors typically associated with low-quality water issues. Easy to use pond algae solution, throw it it and let it go to work. Effective in both salt and fresh water environments. Aqua-One consists of a special blend of beneficial bacteria designed to end pond algae. Naturally occurring microbes use nitrogen and phosphorous as a food source eliminating excess nutrients that cause low-quality water problems. The microbes in Aqua-One help improve water clarity. Chemical free and non-toxic. Completely safe for aquatic life won’t harm fish or other living beings. Perfect for Koi pond maintenance and Koi pond algae Aqua-One has no odors it is not a chemical.

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